Better Than Bieber

Jun 20, 2012




Ah yes.

Jonathan, are you hearing this?

JONATHAN COULTON: Oh yeah, can you hear it too?

EISENBERG: Yeah, I know.


COULTON: 'Cause I just have it playing in my head all the time, it's Justin Bieber.

EISENBERG: Oh, you do. Yeah, yeah, it is Justin Bieber.

COULTON: Oh no, no, wait a second. If Justin Bieber's our mystery guest, you know, my daughter is never going to forgive me for not letting her come to the show.

Person, Place, Or Thing

Jun 20, 2012



OK, now for a little number we like to call Person, Place Or Thing. In front of me now is Matt Chrisman. Hello, Matt.



EISENBERG: Now Matt received this word from our producers. You're really into quizzes, this is your thing, quizzes and trivia and what have you. You're a puzzle expert?

CHRISMAN: Yeah, yeah.

EISENBERG: And also a freelance writer doing film reviews?

CHRISMAN: Well yeah, a polite way of saying unemployed, but...


Reverse Spelling Bee

Jun 20, 2012



OK everybody; this is what we've all been waiting for. It's time to bring our winners back to play in our quick fire, ultimate death, grand finale, showcase showdown final Ask Me One More Time.


EISENBERG: From I-Tunes, we have April Salazar. From Members Only, Lisa Jones. From Bankable Stars, Leslie Billig. And from Person, Place or Thing, Matt Chrisman. Here they are.


EISENBERG: All right, John, what is the final challenge?

We are a nation that puts apple pie above all other pies, and yesterday's survey confirms our audience falls right in line when it comes to the forbidden fruit. But that's not the whole scoop on popular pies.

As we reported yesterday, top American pies bought in the store are apple, pumpkin, cherry, blueberry, and Dutch apple.

When 'Madagascar' Meets Children's Claritin

Jun 20, 2012

Merck is catching flak for marketing Children's Claritin with cute cartoon characters from the latest installment in the Madagascar movie series.

Acting along partisan lines, with a vote of 23 to 17, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted this afternoon to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt. Republicans, who control the committee, say Holder's Justice Department has not turned over all the documents that the committee needs to see as it probes the so-called Fast and Furious gun-trafficking operation.

And they want to know more about why the Justice Department initially told a senator that it had not pursued such an operation.

Reprisals after three church bombings on Sunday have continued in Nigeria, and The Associated Press reports the death toll has reached 98.

The AP adds:

"A rescue services official said more than 98 people have died since Sunday after a trio of church bombings sparked reprisals in Kaduna state. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to journalists.

First, a bit of word association: I say executive privilege. You say (probably) either Watergate or Nixon.

And therein lies the problem for President Obama, who decided Wednesday to use the privilege to prevent Congress from obtaining internal Justice Department documents. Deservedly or not, for any president since Nixon, invoking executive privilege seems to carry a whiff of scandal about it.

Happy Fathers Day!

Jun 17, 2012

WVAS-FM wishes all the biological, adoptive and chosen ones a very Happy Fathers Day. Join Milton Shirdan on Bill Boynton's SwingTown from 12 until 3PM on June 17th for a salute to fathers and a farewell to spring.

Sean Jones, Jeff 'Tain' Watts On JazzSet

Jun 8, 2012

Ohio-born trumpeter Sean Jones played lead for approximately five years with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. Artistic Director Wynton Marsalis was a member of Sean's section. When was asked what he learned from Marsalis, Jones answered in two words: "work ethic."

Now 35-year-old Sean Jones is touring with the Marcus Miller group, an Associate Professor at Duquesne University and Oberlin Conservatory, Interim Artistic Director for the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, and leading his group in Detroit with music from his album No Need for Words.