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The intrepid inspectors with the Montgomery County Health Department are back in action this week tracking down restaurants whose violations could put you in danger when eating out. This week the department conducted a total of 58 inspections of food service and lodging establishments. Reporter Brittney Jones-Dabney files this report…

   A Montgomery police officer was involved in a deadly shooting yesterday on the city’s west side. The incident began when police responded to a report of a subject shot in the 16-hundred block of Westcott Street. Emergency personnel found a victim with a serious gunshot wound. The unidentified man was taken to a local hospital. Moments later officers discovered the suspect at the intersection of Hill and Jordan Streets. During that encounter, shots were fired. Police spokesperson Capt.

Hyles Files: How Not to Cheat

Feb 21, 2018

Severe Weather Awareness Week is underway

Feb 20, 2018

   The next three months are known in Alabama as the primary severe weather season. That’s why the National Weather Service, the Alabama Emergency Management Agency and Governor Kay Ivey are designating this week as Severe Weather Awareness Week in the state. Officials want residents to spend this time making preparations and educating themselves on severe weather threats. Each day of the week a different topic is being emphasized. The list includes severe thunderstorms, flooding and flash flooding, tornadoes, lightning and weather alerts.

   Montgomery County officials are warning residents about a scam involving fake court documents that make it seem like the victims owe money to the court. Montgomery County Circuit Clerk Tiffany McCord says a fake civil citation document is being sent to people that has what looks like a seal of the court and a counterfeit signature of Probate Judge Steven Reed. It may even include the victim’s personal information.

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In a new biopic from filmmaker Raoul Peck, the central character is a 19th century revolutionary who'd probably have plenty to say about the 21st century.

Peck's film, The Young Karl Marx, centers on the German philosopher, journalist and economist famously known for championing an economic system based entirely on uniform distribution of wealth. In 1848, Marx penned his most famous work, The Communist Manifesto.

Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

It's not called a snail's pace for nothing, but just how slow is too slow for the mollusk to move? According to a pub in England, hibernation is where they draw the line.

The Dartmoor Union Inn in Devon was promoting a snail racing championship for Saturday, promising guests, "each thrilling race will last about 4 minutes with guests able to bet on their favourite snail."

Proceeds would go toward city emergency services.

Except it's so cold in the United Kingdom that even the snails are hunkering down.

When Boko Haram extremists snatched 276 girls from a boarding school in northeast Nigeria in 2014, the world reacted and rallied around the cry of "bring back our girls." But now, some four years later, it appears to be happening again.

Since this frightened mom crossed the border with her son in early 2017, fleeing gang violence in El Salvador, she has felt bewildered by the vast complicated immigration system in the United States.

NPR is not using her name for her protection.

Updated at 1:10 p.m. ET

A version of this story was originally posted by member station KQED.

Before U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein could finish her speech at the California Democratic Party convention Saturday, the music began playing to indicate she had used her allotted time.

As the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang that saw the two Koreas come together — if briefly — came to a close on Sunday, another potential sign of détente emerged; North Korea said it was willing to hold talks with the United States, according to South Korea's presidential Blue House.

The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics concluded Sunday evening in South Korea. The closing ceremony saw fewer athletes than the opening event 17 days ago — some Olympians have already gone home — but didn't skimp on pageantry, K-pop and expressions of hope for peace between the two Koreas.

Ivanka Trump, daughter of the U.S. president, and South Korean President Moon Jae-in sat near a visiting North Korean general, Kim Yong Chol, believed to be a former spy chief, whose delegation had earlier been met with a sit-in by conservative South Korean lawmakers near the border crossing.

Boom In Antler Pet Chews May Have Opened A Black Market

11 hours ago

Three weeks after he mounted them on the front of his garage, Jeff Young found his prized antlers were literally ripped off.

"I think they just hung on them," Young says of the thieves, pointing up at the empty drill holes on the garage's façade one gray morning in Anchorage this winter.

"They were up on this six-foot ladder, as far as they could get, and then just pulled them down," Young says.

He found the ladder, taken from a nearby construction site, near his garage the next morning.