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A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the new Montgomery County Probate Office Wednesday.  The location previously housed Pier One Imports across from Montgomery Mall.  Montgomery County Commission Chairman, Elton Dean says the new facility will serve as an anchor for the District One community.  Probate Judge Steven Reed says the new location is more convenient for the citizens of Montgomery.  Citizens will be able pay to property taxes, request vehicles tags and in the coming weeks.  The new facility is open now and is located on 3425 McGhee Road.  

The Dallas County Sheriff's office says they have dismantled two meth labs in the last week and made four arrests.  The labs were located at a home on County Road 269 in Valley Grande and at another residence on County Road 63 in Plantersville.  Investigator Dwayne Sanders says in both cases, "the shake and bake" method was used.

Montgomery Police have made an arrest in a homicide from last week.  On June 20th, 30-year-old Darnell Bush of Montgomery was found shot to death in the 200 block of West Park Avenue.  Police say they have now charged 24-year-old Deskendre Hatcher with one count of capital murder.  He was taken into custody yesterday by Montgomery detectives and is being held without bond.  No other details have been released in this ongoing investigation.  

An Alabama judge has rejected a man's 'stand your ground' defense in the shooting death of an Auburn football player.  Lee County Circuit Court Judge Christopher Hughes issued an order Monday denying immunity for Markale Hart in the death of former Auburn University football player Jakell Mitchell.  Hart had testified that he only opened fire after Mitchell fired gunshots outside a party in 2014.  

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing is now mass producing the Santa Fe Sport SUV.  Tuesday, Governor Robert Bentley had a chance to officially welcome back the Sport SUV, which had not been built in Montgomery since 2010.  Governor Bentley says the return of the Santa Fe shows that Hyundai is among top industry leaders.  The Santa Fe will make the third vehicle on Montgomery's assembly line and the plant will continue to produce Sonata and Elantras.  Hyundai forecast is to produce 36,700 Santa Fes this year.  

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The global economy is "here" and "done," President Obama said Wednesday — the question now is under what terms it will be shaped.

Obama spoke at a news conference that was dominated by questions about global trade, the effects of Brexit, and Donald Trump. It followed a summit meeting with the leaders of Canada and Mexico in Ottawa.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump traveled to the small city of Monessen, Pa., on Tuesday to speak about the impact of international trade on U.S. manufacturing jobs.

As he has before, Trump launched a full-throated attack on globalization, pinning the blame on politicians he says have allowed the U.S. manufacturing base to get hollowed out.

"We allowed foreign countries to subsidize their goods, devalue their currencies, violate their agreements and cheat in every way imaginable. And our politicians did nothing about it," he told the crowd.

Take a look at this:

Now take a look at what was inside:

That's what the Miami-Dade Police Department found in the home of Luis Hernandez-Gonzalez, a Miami man who owns a store that sells equipment for indoor gardening.

Police are still counting the money but they know it's about $20 million, making it the largest cash seizure in Miami-Dade Police Department history.

From Thursday through Monday, about 3.3 million Americans will head to airports for the July 4 holiday travel period. They'll be flying during the peak of a record-breaking summer travel season.

Those passengers can expect to see heavier-than-usual security in the aftermath of recent deadly attacks on airports in Belgium and Turkey.

Using advanced imaging technology, researchers in Lithuania have uncovered a tunnel that Jewish prisoners used to escape Nazi extermination pits.

By doing so, they have provided physical evidence of a well-known tale of heroism during the Holocaust — known before only through the testimony of 11 Jews who escaped.

For the past 72 years, teams have been searching for the tunnel at the Ponar massacre site, located in a forest about 6 miles from Vilnius.

Religious liberty is a rallying cry for many evangelical voters, and it has been popping up repeatedly throughout this presidential campaign. But in the current political climate, some conservative Christians are struggling with how to apply religious freedom to other faiths — like Islam.

An influential federal panel has taken the unusual step of telling the Obama administration to withdraw a controversial proposal to revise regulations that protect people who volunteer for medical research.

The proposal is "marred by omissions, the absence of essential elements, and a lack of clarity," according to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. The conclusions are part of a 283-page report released Wednesday.

In honor of summer and our hope for some leisurely reads, we've been talking to booksellers across the country — and they have a lot of suggestions.

So imagine your favorite summer reading spot, and get ready to "Pack These Pages." Our first guide is Harriet Logan, owner of Loganberry Books in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Local communities are increasingly passing laws to control crime and nuisances on rental properties. They do so mostly by limiting the number of times police can be called to a residence. But it turns out that crime victims — especially victims of domestic abuse — are often the ones who end up being penalized.

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