December 15,2008 – Governor Bob Riley is expected to announce today what cuts the state must make to balance the state Education Budget. The Governor says he is also looking at ways to curb spending by non-education agencies financed but he state General Fund budget.

The Alabama Department of Corrections hopes to increase use of one of its programs - using state inmates for work with private businesses. The Alabama Department of Corrections has placed radio ads on commercial radio stations statewide informing businesses they can earn tax credits by using the work release program.

State Senator E.B. McClain is asking for a separate trial form his co-defendant, the Reverend Samuel Pettagrue. McClain and Pettagrue are charged with money laundering, conspiracy, mail fraud and bribery. Prosecutors alleged McClain pocketed almost half of the $700,000 in state grants he got for Pettagrue's community programs from 2001 to 2006. Prosecutors also allege Pettagrue and his son paid themselves $120,000. Trial is set for January 12,2009.

The Montgomery Area Red Cross is asking residents to remember the giving spirit over the holiday season and make blood donations Join WVAS for Radios for Red Cross on January 8,2009 from noon to 7:00 p.m. at the Vaughn Road Church of Christ.