WVAS Local News

Oct 11, 2013

Alabama State University President Dr. William H. Harris is remembering the life of former ASU first lady Lillian Watkins.  Mrs. Watkins passed away Sunday at the age of 96.  She was the widow of acclaimed University president Levi Watkins.  Funeral arrangements have been set for Saturday, Oct. 12th. 

TB Testing

Officials from the Alabama Department of Public Health and Alabama State University's Health Center have completed a portion of tuberculosis screening Friday.  Testing will begin again next week.  Public Health officials and ASU's Health Center have identified one student with active tuberculosis. 

State Supreme Court

The Alabama Supreme Court has rejected an elderly north Alabama man's appeal to keep the grave of his late wife in the front yard of the home they shared for decades.  The justices issued a brief order Friday, agreeing with other courts, saying that Patsy Davis' body must be removed from the front yard in Stevenson where it had been since 2009.  A city attorney says work to remove the body could begin next week.  He says the remains will be placed in a proper cemetery.  James Davis says he was abiding by his wife's wishes when he buried her outside their home in 2009, yet the city sued to move the body.