WVAS Local News

Aug 9, 2013

A state senator who was in charge of a committee that drew Alabama's senate districts has denied that the process was intended to create more Republican districts.  Republican Sen. Gerald Dial of Lineville testified in federal court Thursday that his only goals going into the redistricting process were to prevent incumbents from facing each other, to avoid reducing the percentage of minorities in majority black districts, and to protect communities of interest.  However, State Senator Bobby Singleton of Greensboro says the redistricting packed black residents in minority districts like that of Senator Quinton Ross.  Singleton says stacking black voters into majority black districts dilutes their influence.  A three-judge panel is hearing the case. 

Tuskegee Shooting

Tuskegee Police are investigating a burglary attempt in which the homeowner opened fire on the suspects.  WSFA is reporting that the incident happened off Collins Street less than a mile from the police department.  Thursday morning two men apparently came onto the homeowner's property looking for merchandise to steal.  The unidentified owner confronted the suspects and fired several shots striking one of the men in the leg.  Both suspects have been apprehended and have been charged with burglary.  No names have been released. 

New School Year

Schools across Alabama are  making final preparations for the new school year.  State Schools Superintendent Dr. Tommy Bice says its still too early to say just how many students will be taking advantage of the new Alabama Accountability Act.  The deadline for parents to apply for a transfer from a public school designated as failing is today. 

ASU Presidential Search

Alabama State University's presidential search committee looked at 27 applications Thursday in executive session.  According to Al.com the committee eliminated at least 20 of the candidates.  A Birmingham law firm is being used to handle the applications.  An attorney for the firm told the committee that it has received 42 applications since the university began advertising the job a month ago.  The committee kept private the names and applications of the candidates.