WVAS Local News

Jul 1, 2013

A state study commission has rejected a recommendation from Governor Robert Bentley to expand the governor's power by making hit harder for the Legislature to recommending proposed changes. 

Chapman Resigns

Republican Secretary of State Beth Chapman says she will resign Aug. 1 and enter private business.  Chapman says she has an offer in government and public relations consulting that she can't pass up and she will end her decade in public office to take the position.  She has 17 months left in her team. 

Bankruptcy Plan

Attorneys for Jefferson County have filed their plan to exit the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.  The 101-page plan must be approved by a federal bankruptcy judge.  The judge has scheduled a hearing Aug. 6th to consider approving a proposed disclosure statement.  

No Union

Governor Robert Bentley says the Mercedes-Benz plant in Vance does not need a union.  Bentley's comments from a visit to the Tuscaloosa County plant last week are the most pointed public ones to date from a state official about the United Auto Worker's aggressive campaign.