WVAS Local News

May 28, 2013

Alabamians gathered at cemeteries, memorials and monuments to honor fallen military service members on Memorial Day.  Veterans and area residents attended Memorial Day ceremonies at the VA Medical Center on Perry Hill Road; the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Wetumpka; the Autauga County Courthouse and at Greenwood Cemetery where members of the Vietnam Veterans of America honored four members who recently died. 

2014 Legislative Elections

Alabama Democrats cried foul when Republican pushed through a sweeping education law that will create new income tax credits to help some parents pay private school tuition.  Now, with the session over, leading party figures tell the Decatur Daily they'll use the Republicans' act as a primary issue in the 2014 legislative elections.  Senator Roger Bedford of Russellville says he believes the law will lead to dozens of Republicans losing re-election. 

Montgomery Shooting

Montgomery Police say they suspect a car crash played a role in a fatal shooting that is the city's 26th homicide of the year.  32-year-old Darrell Howard Jr.  was shot dead Friday night near the intersection of Brookview and Dyas Drives.  The alleged shooter, 23-year-old Joshua Sanders of Montgomery turned himself in at police headquarters on Sunday. 

Pike Road School Board

The town of Pike Road has it first ever school board.  The Pike Road Town Council met this morning and appointed five people to the panel, they are: Casey Davis, Ray Hawthorne, Tommy Ratliff, Morgan Simpson and Linda Ware.  Former state Superintendent of Education Dr. Ed Richardson and four others were appointed to served on the Pike Road Education Leadership Committee.  Pike Road Mayor Gordon Stone said construction on a K-8th school will begin around the end of the year.  The school is scheduled to open in the fall of 2015.