WVAS Local News

Feb 1, 2013

State Representative Alvin Holmes is calling for the removal of the Adjutant General of the Alabama National Guard.  The Montgomery Democrat claims that General Perry Smith repeatedly refused his request for a breakdown of National Guard Officer's rank by race and color.  Holmes says the head of the National Guard is required to respond to a state representative.  Representative Holmes says he made the request due to a number of his constituents in the National Guard complaining of being passed over for promotion.  The governor's office has now supplied the information, according to Holmes, but he still wants General Perry ousted from office. 

Ongoing Hostage Situation

Hostage negotiators near Midland City are still trying to get a gunman to release a five-year-old boy who was snatched off a Dale County school bus Tuesday afternoon.  Neighbors said the child is being held by 65-year-old Jimmy Lee Dykes, who's in an underground bunker on his property off U.S. 231.  Dale County authorities have acknowledged Dykes could hold out for days. 

Senator Figures

Alabama Senate leaders met with new minority leader Senator Vivian Figures Thursday in preparation for the upcoming legislative session.  The Democrat from Mobile is the first woman to serve as minority of majority leader in the legislature.  Figures says her style of leadership should encourage a productive session.  Both Lt. Governor Kay Ivey who presides over the Senate and Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh expressed their confidence in Figures as the new minority leader.  The regular session is set to begin February 5th. 

Identity Theft

Federal prosecutors in Montgomery are pleading with Alabama residents to safeguard your personal information and be vigilant in watching for identity theft especially as the tax filing season begins.  The warnings come from U.S. Attorney George Beck Jr. He said Thursday nine people, all from the Montgomery area, have been arrested in recent days and eight others are scheduled to be sentenced today in federal court.  Another three individuals are scheduled for sentencing next week.  The feds says the Montgomery Region ranks second in the nation for identity theft.