WVAS Local News

Nov 16, 2012

Alabama's governor isn't changing his mind about not operating a health insurance exchange even though President Barack Obama's administration has given states an extra month to decide.  The Obama administration announced Thursday night it was extending the deadline to Dec. 14th.  The extension came at the request of dome Republican governors.  Governor Robert Bentley's spokesman, Jeremy King, says the Republican governor is standing by his announcement Tuesday that Alabama will not run an exchange.  Bentley said it could cost the state as much as $50 million dollars annually. 

Medicare Premiums

The federal government says Medicare premiums are going up %5 dollars a month for 2013.  That's less than expected, but it'll still eat up nearly one-fourth of the typical cost-of-living raise for retirees.  The government's Medicare chief says the monthly premium for 2013 will be $104.90 dollars a month. Also known as the Part B premium, it covers outpatient care such as office visits and medical supplies.

ASU Dedication

A dedication ceremony will be held this Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at Alabama State University.  It's to welcome the community to the newly renovated Levi Watkins Learning Center.  The library, which bears the name of the University's sixth  president, now offers students and graduate students an internet cafe, meeting rooms, study rooms and an auditorium.  The center is located off North University Drive.