WVAS Local News

Oct 3, 2012

The U.S. Department of Education has awarded Montgomery Public Schools a grant for more than a million dollars.

MPS Superintendent Barbara Thompson said the grant will be used over the next three years to expand social work services in elementary schools.  Thompson said the funds will be used to hire three social workers and one part-time psychiatrist.  They will serve 11 schools.

Business Expo

Sixty Alabama State University students were invited to learn employers' expectations today at the 2nd Annual Business Expo.  Calvin Butts, strategic services vice-president for Communications Media Incorporated, talked to students about stepping out of the box; using new marketing tools and branding themselves using social media.

Crash Landing

A crash landing in a small airplane wasn't enough to keep four fans away from the football game between Alabama and Ole Miss in Tuscaloosa.  A plane bound for Tuscaloosa from Mobile went down in a cotton field near Selma on Saturday, but none of the four men on board was injured.  So they made it to Montgomery by vehicle and rented a car for the rest of the trip to the game.  The aircraft hit trees and was leaking fuel after it went down.