Tuskegee Students Stranded in Africa

Aug 6, 2014

Officials at Tuskegee University say a group of their students have been unable to leave the west African nation of Liberia in the wake of a deadly Ebola epidemic.  The six students, whose names were not disclosed, had been participating in an international academic program in Monrovia, Liberia.  Tuskegee University said the students were stranded after British Airways suspended flights to Liberia due to the Ebola outbreak.  Tuskegee President Brian Johnson has said the students are safe and the university is making arrangements to ensure their safe return to Alabama. 

ASU Sting-A-Thon

As of Tuesday night, more than $109,000 has been raised since the start of the "30 Days of ASU fundraising campaign." ASU President Gwendolyn Boyd launched the fundraiser in July to solicit donations from alumni and supporters.  The effort ended last night with a first ever Sting-A-Thon event at Lockhart Gymnasium. 

TACT Program

Alabama State Troopers have been looking for reckless and bad drivers.  The State Department of Public Safety officials said its connected to the TACT program or Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks.  DPS officials said troopers are riding along with commercial truck drivers to crack down on unsafe drivers.  A trooper riding in the 18-wheeler acts as a spotter and relays information about a motorist breaking rules whether its speeding, following too closely or texting and driving to other troopers.  The ride along campaign began this week on a stretch of Interstate 20/59 in Tuscaloosa County.  The TACT program will also be used statewide on different interstate highways. 

Congressman Brooks

North Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks is standing by his comment that Democrats are engaged in a "war on white." He first made the comment during a radio interview about immigration on Monday.  Brooks has defended the comment in an interview with the Associated Press and disputed charges that the comment is incendiary.