Troy King, John Tyson square off over electronic bingo

Montgomery, AL – - Troy King says he won't use his
authority as Alabama's attorney general to take control of the
governor's Task Force on Illegal Gambling.
But King said Wednesday the task force's attempted raids of
electronic bingo casinos without search warrants are ill-advised
and create a risk of armed confrontation.
He said Gov. Bob Riley and the task force should seek a court
ruling in every county where they question the legality of
electronic bingo, and that would provide the opportunity for the
Alabama Supreme Court to issue a ruling covering the whole state.
King said he will rethink his position concerning the task force
if Riley does not follow his advice in a reasonable time period.

- The commander of the Governor's Task
Force on Illegal Gambling is rejecting the attorney general's
advice about trying to get court rulings against electronic bingo
Attorney General Troy King said Wednesday the task force's
attempts to raid casinos without search warrants are ill-advised
and it should seek court rulings in every county where it questions
the legality of electronic bingo machines.
Task Force Commander John Tyson says that's a delaying tactic
that would allow a few operators to keep breaking the law. Tyson
also said the attorney general is making public statements, but is
not talking to him directly.
Tyson ran against King in the 2006 election. The governor
appointed Tyson last month to lead the task force.