Tax Appeals

Mar 4, 2014

The Alabama Legislature has given final approval to legislation creating an independent tribunal to hear tax appeals.  The House of Representatives voted 94-1 Tuesday to go along with Senate changes to the bill.  The proposal now goes to Governor Bentley.  Tribunal judges will replace an administrative law judge employed by Alabama Department of Revenue.  The bill's sponsor said the change will ensure taxpayers have an independent person to hear their cases. 

Malpractice Judgment

The Alabama Supreme Court upheld a jury's $3.2 million dollar medical malpractice judgment involving a Montgomery hospital.  The court in a 6-3 decision Friday rejected Baptist Medical Center East's request for rehearing.  The case dates back to 2005 when a 73-year-old woman was treated in the emergency room of the hospital.  She tested positive for a dangerous drug-resistant bacteria, but the results were not communicated to her treating physician.  She later died. 

Alabama Telehealth

Telehealth is expanding in Alabama.  The technology uses a high-definition video screen as a communication device between a doctor and a patient.  The video chatting capability is gaining traction, especially is rural parts of the state.  Alabama Partnership for Telehealth Director, Lloyd Sermon says telemedicine is being used to treat all types of patients from stroke victims to those living with HIV.