A Talladega Man Who Shot Four People Receives a 28 Year Sentence

Montgomery, AL – (AP) - A Talladega man who shot four people, one
of them fatally, when he was 15 in Westgate will spend 28 years in
Circuit Judge Bo Hollingsworth sentenced Cartravious Collins,
now 18, Wednesday. Collins has already given notice of his intent
to appeal.
He was charged with the murder of Chelsei Embry, the attempted
murder of LaToya Monique Embry, and assault in the second degree of
Jalysa and Kaylon Embry. A jury convicted him for the lesser
included counts of manslaughter and assault in the first degree in
the first two cases and assault in the second degree on the other
At trial, the defense argued that Collins was acting to defend
his 16-year-old sister Greticia Collins, who was fighting with at
least one of the victims.