Storm Damage

Mar 17, 2014

The National Weather Service says winds blowing as strong as 110 mph are responsible for storm damage in the town of Atmore.  Two stores were badly damaged when a storm moved through Sunday morning.  Falling trees damaged two homes and parts of town lost power.  Through it all, no one was hurt.  Forecasters said the damage is consistent with a strong downburst of winds sometimes called straight line winds.  Powerful, fast moving storms on Sunday also caused sporadic property damage in parts of Mobile, Escambia and Covington counties. 

Murder Suspect Captured

An Autauga County man is being held in the metro jail charged with murder in the shooting death of 28-year-old Dandrell Harris of Montgomery.  Autauga County Sheriff's officials said Harris was killed early Saturday morning at a residence in Autaugaville.  Chief Deputy Joe Sedinger said 24-year-old Trebell McCall was captured in a house about five miles from the crime scene.  McCall is being held under a bond of $150,000.  Saturday's homicide was the second in Autauga County this year. 

Prattville Rescue

Members of a swift rescue team came to the aid of twelve campers who found themselves stranded by flash flood waters that inundated Pine Creek.  A Prattville Fire Department captain said five adults and seven children were rescued within about 15 minutes Sunday morning by a crew that used a rubber boat.  No one was injured.  Pine Creek is located near Cooter's Pond Park. 

Deadly ATV Accident

Authorities in Bullock County say an 8-year-old boy was killed over the weekend while riding an all-terrain vehicle.  Bullock County Sheriff's officials said the boy died when he apparently fell off the ATV and the four-wheeler rolled over him.  The accident occurred Friday night about 7 p.m. on Bullock County Road 55, about 12 miles from Union Springs.  The child's name was not released. 

Surveillance Cameras

Alabama Prisons officials are adding surveillance cameras at Tutwiler prison and taking steps to increase some privacy for female prisoners.  A Justice Department report said the prison facility in Wetumpka was not suited for housing female offenders since it offered them little privacy to shower, use the bathroom and had numerous blind spots that could make it possible for sexual activity to go undetected. reports the warden has plans to create a council to facilitate communication between inmates and staff.