Selma Wood Pellets Business Closes

Selma, Ala – (AP) - Dixie Pellets, which manufactures wood
pellets for heating, has closed its doors because it does not have
the funds to continue operating.
The company told about 70 workers Tuesday they should not return
to work.
Plant manager Bruce Gornto said "an unusual and an unforeseen
financial issue" gave the company no choice but to stop
Gornto is unsure if the plant will permanently close and said
they are working with people to resolve the issue. The company will
work with the state's rapid response team to help employees.
It was established in 2006 and officially opened in 2008.
Estimates show Dixie Pellets had an annual revenue of $120,000.
The company was a project of New Gas Concepts, which has
engineering operations in Birmingham.