Romney Campaign Stokes VP Tension With New App

Jul 31, 2012



As Mitt Romney returns from Poland, the suspense continues to build over who he'll pick as his running mate. And Romney's campaign has been stoking the tension. Earlier this month, they offered a lottery to supporters who donated a mere $3. The prize, a meeting with Romney and his V.P. pick. Last week, the woman in charge of the search for a vice presidential candidate, Beth Myers, tweeted out the names of several top contenders, sending the Twitter world into a tizzy.

And today, the campaign launched a new smartphone app, called Mitt's V.P. They promise supporters who download it will receive the announcement before anyone else with one exception, Romney's wife, Ann. The app is free, no campaign donation required. Just make sure you turn on push notifications. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright National Public Radio.