Probe expands into faculty shooting at Univ. of Ala-Huntsville

Huntsville, Ala – - A survivor of a fatal Alabama university
shooting says the professor charged in the attack started firing
without warning.
Associate professor Joseph Ng (ing) says in an e-mail he was one
of 12 people sitting around an oval table for a department meeting
Friday at the University of Alabama-Huntsville.
Ng says the meeting had been going on for about half an hour
when Amy Bishop suddenly got up, took out a gun and started
shooting. He says she fired at each person in a row as they sat
around the table.
Three people were killed and three injured. Bishop was arrested
and charged with capital murder and attempted murder.
Ng says the survivors dropped to the floor and rushed Bishop
during a pause in the shooting. They pushed her out the door and
called 911.

- Grieving relatives of three professors
gunned down at a university faculty meeting questioned why their
accused colleague was hired despite a dispute with a former boss
who received a pipe bomb and the shooting death of her brother.
Amy Bishop is charged in the three deaths and the wounding of
three other professors at a meeting Friday at the University of
Alabama in Huntsville.
She was vocal in her resentment over being denied tenure and the
looming loss of her teaching post, though relatives and students
said she had never suggested she might become violent.
In 1986, Bishop shot and killed her 18-year-old brother with a
shotgun at their Braintree, Massachussetts, home. She told police
it accidentally discharged. Authorities released her and said the
episode was a tragic accident.
In another incident, The Boston Globe reported that Bishop and
her husband were questioned by investigators looking into a pipe
bomb sent to one of Bishop's colleagues at Children's Hospital
Boston in 1993. The bomb did not go off, and nobody was ever