MLK celebration held in downtown Montgomery

Montgomery, AL – - Martin Luther King Jr. was remembered in
Montgomery Monday as the man whose actions made it possible for
Barrack Obama to become the nation's first black president.
Preaching inside the church from where its young pastor King led
the Montgomery Bus Boycott in the 1950s, the church's current
pastor, Rev. Michael Thurman, said King led the way for Obama's
successful march to the White House.
Later a crowd estimated by organizers as about 5,000 marched up
Dexter Avenue in front of the church for a rally on the state
Capitol steps. It was in front of those steps that King ended the
Selma-to-Montgomery Voting Rights march in 1965.
Mary Hunter was one of those marchers in 1965. She said Monday
it was "King's dream" that led to Obama's election.