Healthcare Deadline

Apr 1, 2014

Hundreds of Alabamians rushed to sign up before last night's deadline elapsed to apply for health insurance under the federal health care law.  Jim Carnes, a policy analyst for the advocacy group Alabama Arise, said he is optimistic Alabama will get close to the federal government's original enrollment forecast.  He said interest picked up in the closing weeks of enrollment as people learned more about the tax credits they could get.  The federal government's original goal for Alabama was 82,000 enrollments through Monday.  An unofficial federal report recently put Alabama's enrollment at 70,600 as of March 23rd. 

Abortion Regulations

Three bills passed by the Alabama House to regulate abortions are set to go before a Senate committee.  The Senate Health Committee has scheduled public hearings on the bills Tuesday at the Statehouse.  One bill would ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected.  That can occur at six or seven weeks into a pregnancy. 

City Councilman

Montgomery City Councilman Tracy Larkin is expected to formally announce his candidacy Tuesday for the Alabama House of Representatives.  Larkin will challenge longtime incumbent Thad McClammy for the seat in House District 76.  The three Democrats including Maurice Rollins will face off in the June 3rd primary elections.   

New King Song

Veteran singer Sam Moore of the soul duo Sam and Dave is releasing a song in remembrance of Martin Luther King Junior to coincide with the anniversary of the civil rights leader's death.  The song, "They Killed a King" is being released April 4th, the 46th anniversary of Dr. King's assassination in Memphis.