Handgun Bill

Apr 2, 2014

Alabama lawmakers have shot down a bill to let people carry loaded handguns in their cars without a concealed carry permit.  The House Public Safety Committee did not advance the bill Wednesday after several sheriffs and police chiefs said they were concerned that it could lead to more violence. 

Poultry Plant Closing

A poultry processing company says it will lay off more than 500 workers at a facility in southeast Alabama.  Wayne Farms LLC officials say all the poultry slaughtered at its Dothan plant will be sent to AlaTrade in Phenix City.  The company is one of the plant's largest customers. 

Athletic Unions

College athletic directors across the country are taking notice of the National Labor Relations Board ruling that supports the creation of athletic unions.  The union seeks to have football players viewed as university employees because of the amount of revenue that the popular sport draws to schools in the nation.  Melvin Hines, Interim Athletic Director for Alabama State University, says this move might have unforeseeable consequences. 

Family Violence Forum

"What's Love Got To Do With It" is the title of a citywide forum planned for Thursday afternoon at the Alabama State University student center theater.  ASU Police Chief Jim Grayboys said participants will be given new insight and tools to better handle incidents of Family Violence.  The 90 minute forum on Family Violence gents underway Thursday at 4 p.m. in ASU's student center theater.