Explosive Material Discovered Near Swedish Nuclear Power Plant

Jun 21, 2012

Swedish authorities say explosive material turned up in a truck close by one of the country's three nuclear power plants.

The Ringhals nuclear power plant says the material was hidden in a truck that was headed for the facility. Officials discovered it during a routine scan and turned it over to police. The plant says the unidentified material couldn't have caused serious damage.

That because the material didn't have a detonator, according to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority. Sweden has three nuclear plants and all of them are now on heightened alert.

Swedish police told the Daily Mail there are no suspects, but they think sabotage is the motive. The truck's driver apparently didn't know he was transporting explosive material and is not a suspect in the case.

Sweden's nuclear plants have been previously criticized for poor security. The AP notes several Greenpeace activists climbed fences onto the grounds of another power plant to hold a demonstration. And last year, a fire broke out at the Ringhals plant because a worker forgot a vacuum cleaner in the containment building; it caught fire during a pressure test causing a quarter billion dollars in damages.

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