Ala recount shows no major change in vote tally

Montgomery, AL – - The first day of a statewide recount in
the Republican primary for governor has turned up no major vote
changes, including a Tuscaloosa County voting place where
third-place finisher Tim James was hoping to make a race-changing
Tuscaloosa physician and legislator Robert Bentley is fighting
to keep his 167-vote lead over James and his spot in the the runoff
July 13 with first-place finisher Bradley Byrne.
By Tuesday evening, some counties had totals that varied by a
few votes from election night. Some boxes of ballots were found not
properly sealed. And Bentley's campaign complained about officials
hand counting ballots that the machines couldn't read. But both
Bentley's and James' campaigns acknowledged there were no major
changes on the first day of the recount.
The recount continues Wednesday and Thursday.