Ala high court rules woman not entitled to jackpot

Montgomery, AL – - The Alabama Supreme Court says a woman
who thought she had hit a jackpot worth almost $42 million at the
Victoryland electronic bingo center will end up empty handed.
The court ruled Friday that an electronic bingo machine that
showed Sherry Knowles had won $41.8 million obviously malfunctioned
and that she was actually due no more than $2 from the operation in
Macon County.
The decision reversed a Macon County court ruling that said
Victoryland owed Knowles $10 million.
Knowles had bet $1 on an electronic bingo machine on May 2, 2006
when the machine started adding credits, eventually showing she had
won $41.8 million. Victoryland officials said the machine displayed
the symbol "snake eyes," which only pays two credits, or $2.