Sun February 23, 2014
13.7: Cosmos And Culture

Electronic Cigarettes And The Appearance Of Smoking

Originally published on Mon February 24, 2014 6:34 pm

Electronic cigarettes are actually battery operated devices that use a heating element to atomize a flavored liquid, typically containing nicotine, so that it can be inhaled.
Joe Raedle Getty Images

We see symbols and their power at work in the recent controversy surrounding the effort to extend bans on smoking to the electronic cigarette. An e-cigarette is no more a cigarette than a chocolate cigarette is.

But — as with the case of toy guns — this doesn't mean they are any less dangerous.

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Sat February 22, 2014
Author Interviews

Forecasting The 'Future' By Tapping Into Human Consciousness

Originally published on Sat February 22, 2014 7:18 pm


Now more than ever before, we have the tools to study the mysteries of consciousness. Memory, dreams, the self are now being examined using high-tech brain scans developed by physicists on the cutting edge of their field.

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Sat February 22, 2014
Krulwich Wonders...

I Won't Eat, You Can't Make Me! (And They Couldn't)

Robert Krulwich NPR

It was found in Baja California, in the water, scuttling about. It's an isopod — a many legged, many jointed, bottom-crawler, related to prawns and crabs and it happily eats dead things. Scavengers aren't that particular about what's for dinner. When they find it, they eat it.

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Fri February 21, 2014
The Two-Way

Forget The Local Cold: Worldwide, It Was Another Hot January

Originally published on Fri February 21, 2014 5:07 pm

A chart showing average temperatures around the world for January 2014.
National Climate Data Center NOAA

January will go down in the weather history books as the fourth-warmest on record.

That's right.

No matter how brutal the winter was in North America, especially the Eastern half, it was balanced by warm temperatures elsewhere on the planet.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Climate Data Center says that last month marks the 38th consecutive January and the 347th consecutive month (almost 29 years) that global temperatures have been above the average for the 20th century.

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Fri February 21, 2014
Shots - Health News

How Dogs Read Our Moods: Emotion Detector Found In Fido's Brain

Originally published on Tue February 25, 2014 7:47 am

Volunteers pose with the brain scanner at the MR Research Centre in Budapest.
Courtesy of Borbala Ferenczy

A paw on the leg. A nose nuzzling against your arm. Maybe even a hop onto your lap.

Dogs always seem to know when you're upset and need extra love, even though they hardly understand a word of what you say. How can that be?

Our four-legged friends have a little patch of their brain devoted to deciphering emotions in human and dog voices, scientists reported Thursday in the journal Current Biology.

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Fri February 21, 2014
Research News

Are More Eccentric Artists Perceived As Better Artists?

Originally published on Fri February 21, 2014 9:29 am



Think for a moment about an artist who is really out there in some way. Maybe a musician comes to mind, somebody like Lady Gaga or a painter like Salvador Dali. New research now asks whether you like such artists because of their art or because they conform to a mental stereotype of how artists are supposed to behave. NPR's social science correspondent Shankar Vedantam joins us regularly on this program. Hi, Shankar.

SHANKAR VEDANTAM, BYLINE: Good morning, Steve.

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Fri February 21, 2014

Scientist Switches Position, Now Supports Keystone XL Pipeline

Originally published on Fri February 21, 2014 9:29 am




It's MORNING EDITION from NPR News. I'm Steve Inskeep.


And I'm David Greene. Good morning.

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Thu February 20, 2014
The Salt

'Piglet Smoothie' Fed To Sows To Prevent Disease; Activists Outraged

Originally published on Mon February 24, 2014 2:37 pm

A screen grab from an undercover video released by the Humane Society of the U.S. shows a pig in a gestation crate at Iron Maiden Farms in Owensboro, Ky.
Courtesy of The Humane Society of The United States

Animal welfare groups go to great lengths to show us how "the sausage" is made inside the factory-style farms that produce most of our meat. For the past few years, they've armed activists with video cameras and sent them undercover to document alleged abuses or risky practices.

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Thu February 20, 2014
The Two-Way

Men Who Vandalized Egyptian Pyramid To Prove Theory Face Charges

Domique Goerlitz shown in one of the pyramid's chambers in this screen grab from their video, which has apparently been removed.

Two self-styled amateur archeologists from Germany, who filmed themselves scraping off pieces of Egypt's Great Pyramid in hopes of proving that the ancient wonder was built by people from the legendary city of Atlantis, are now facing possible criminal charges in their home country.

During a trip to Egypt in April 2013, Dominque Goerlitz and Stephan Erdmann, along with a German filmmaker, were granted access to parts of the Great Pyramid at Giza that are normally off-limits to the public. They smuggled their samples back to Germany with plans to produce a documentary.

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Thu February 20, 2014

Keystone Greens See Pipeline As Crucial Test For Obama

Originally published on Thu February 20, 2014 8:02 pm



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