WVAS Local News

Nov 14, 2013

The State Board of Education Thursday approved the department's budget request for fiscal 2015.  Chief of Staff for the Department of Education Dr. Craig Pouncey said the $4.1 billion dollar spending plan has four priorities.  Dr. Pouncey said the budget request for the next year is about $216 million dollars more than the current one.  The spending plan was adopted on a unanimous vote. 

Officer Reinstated

Montgomery police say an officer who resigned after he was recorded drag racing on a department motorcycle will be reinstated to his position.  Another motorcyclist challenged Officer Carlos Rogers to a race and recorded the incident on a camera.  The footage was eventually posted on the Internet.  Police Chief Kevin Murphy said the city attorney told him there wasn't sufficient evidence to move forward with firing the officer.  Rogers issued an apology for the incident and Murphy said he will face disciplinary action. 

Graduation Exam

Alabama's high school graduation exam is now history.  The State Board of Education voted to do away with the exam.  State Superintendent of Education Dr. Tommy Bice said the requirement for graduating now is passing all required courses.