WVAS Local News

Nov 1, 2013

Hyundai Motor Manufacturing has released its sales report for October.  The company sold nearly 54,000 units last month, up seven percent versus the same time period last year.  Robert Burns with Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Montgomery says the large numbers of sales can be credited to the Elantra and the Sonata. 

Failing Grade

Alabama is among three states that received grades of F for high premature birth rates from the March of Dimes.  Louisiana and Mississippi were the two other states.   Puerto Rico also received a grade of F. 

Tax Fraud

A former Montgomery mail carrier worker has been sentenced to nine year and three months in federal prison for his role in a tax fraud scheme using stolen identities.  A federal judge ordered the sentence for Vernon Harrison.  Harrison also must pay more than $82,000 dollars in restitution. 

Water Wars

Alabama's lawyer in the ongoing water battle involving three states says a Georgia county is taking more water than it is allowed.  Attorney Matt Lembke told the Alabama Water Resources Commission Thursday that Cobb County is violating its water permit.