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Oct 4, 2013

The Alabama Supreme Court has reversed a 24-year-old precedent and ruled that a judge may not require a non-custodial parent in a divorce case to pay college costs for children over the age of 19.  The court's 6-2 ruling reversed a decision issued in 1989 that said a judge could order a non-custodial parent to pay college costs passed aged 19.  In a decision written by Chief Justice Roy Moore, the justices said the 24-year-old precedent was not based on state law.  The court said its ruling will not undo court orders for college support that are already final, but it will apply to future cases, including those that are pending. 

Alabama National Fair

It's a feast for the senses as the 60th annual Alabama National Fair got started Friday for a ten-day run.  All the usual favorites are in place, the Racing Pigs, the Big Top Circus, the exhibits, the rides and fair delicassies.  Fair general manager Randy Stephenson lauds a few new attractions as well, like the Flying Houndz Frizbree Trick Dog Show, the Aussie Kingdom and the Swampmaster's Gator Show. 

ASU Career Fair

More than 40 companies interacted with hundreds of job seekers Friday at Alabama State University's Career Fair.  A number of representatives said they were pleased with the turnout.  The fair was held at the Dunn-Oliver Acadome on the campus of ASU.