WVAS Local News

Aug 16, 2013

A second student at Montgomery's Robert E. Lee Highs School has tuberculosis.  The state Department of Public Health confirmed the case and the parents of students who were exposed are being contacted.  The department says students who receive notification letters should be tested.  The department says students who have received the letters must be tested the first week of school.  The testing will begin Monday at the Montgomery County Health Department.  The first case at the high school was detected in June.  Health officials say that student was in close contact with the student in the second case. 

UPS Crash

The National Transportation Safety Board hasn't determined what caused the crash of the UPS A300 airplane, but officials have said a preliminary investigation didn't reveal any evidence of engine failure. 

Minister Indicted

Jefferson County grand jury has indicted a minister in the shooting death of his wife and wounding his daughter.  Court records show Terry Greer was indicted on murder charge for the shooting death of his wife, Lisa Greer, and an attempted murder charge in the wounding of their teenage daughter.  The shootings happened January 10th at the family's home in Gardendale.  54-year-old Greer has pleaded not guilty. 

Cancer Prevention Study

The American Cancer Society is in the midst of enrollment for a nationwide cancer prevention study.  Montgomery is one of the metropolitan areas included.  The hope is that the study will aid researchers in determining genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that cause or prevent cancer.  Signups will accepted Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week.  Enrollment locations and appointment information can be found online at cps3montgomery.org.