WVAS Local News

Aug 12, 2013

Many Alabama sheriffs are seeking more young people ages 18 to 20 seeking permits to carry concealed handguns now that a state gun law makes it tougher to deny them.  The Alabama Sheriff's Association's Executive Bobby Timmons said sheriffs could ignore a pistol permit application in the past if they thought someone was too immature to get one.  But that changed under the new law that went into effect on August 1st. 

Statehouse Inn

A familiar building near downtown Montgomery is coming down.  The old Statehouse Inn was once a popular site for legislators and others.  But now the multi-story structure has fallen into disrepair.  City General Services Director Steve Jones said the Statehouse Inn has become an eyesore.  The demolition which starts today is being carried out by Virginia Wrecking Company of Daphne.  It will take about 150 days to complete the project. 

Sentencing Guidelines

The Alabama District Attorneys Association and a victim's advocacy group, Victims of Crime and Leniency, are opposing new sentencing guidelines set to take effect October 1st in Alabama.  The guidelines were written by the Alabama Sentencing Commission, and they apply to nonviolent offenses.  Prosecutors say the guidelines weaken their ability to use the threat of prison to settle cases and will result in more jury trials and delays.  They want to see changes in the guidelines.  Supporters say Alabama's prisons are at nearly twice their designed capacity, and the state has got to make a choice about using scarce prison space for people convicted of violent crimes or people convicted of theft. 

Murder Plot

A former physician charged in a capital murder-for-hire plot is scheduled to go on trial this week in Montgomery Circuit Court.  55-year-old David Nash is one of four people charged in the slaying of a well-known animal trapper.  Authorities said 58-year-old Ralph "The Critter Man" McNeil was stabbed to death in January 2011.  Two others charged in connection with McNeil's murder, Serena English and Jeremy Riley have pleaded guilty and await sentencing.  A fourth defendant, Kindall Riley, will be retried in December.  A mistrial was declared in his first trial in April of last year.