WVAS Local News

Aug 9, 2013

The Montgomery Police Department unveiled the newest addition to its fleet Thursday.  MPD will be replacing its Ford Crown Victoria sedans with 27 new Chevrolet Tahoes.  Criminal Investigations Commander Bryan Jurkofsky said he believes MPD has made the best possible decision with these new vehicles.  MPD will slowly phase the Crown Victoria sedans out over the next few years. 

Tax Credit

The only proposed rule for Alabama's new private school tax credit that is raising any concern is a provision stating the credits don't apply for children already in private school.  The state Revenue Department outline the proposed guidelines for implementing the Alabama Accountability Act at a public hearing.  State School Superintendent Dr. Tommy Bice said it will take a year before educators know what the level of participation will be.  Revenue Commissioner Julie Magee said she doesn't expect to make major changes in the proposed rules for private school tax credits.

School Gun Ban

Alabama's School Superintendent Dr. Tommy Bice is telling city and county school officials that policies prohibiting firearms on school property were not affected by the state's new gun law.  Bice said all school systems should continue to enforce existing policies banning firearms and other weapons from school property.