WVAS Local News

Jul 23, 2013

Governor Robert Bentley said the state will ensure that everyone registered to vote will be able to cast a ballot in the 2014 election.  Bentley made that assertion Monday when asked about the concerns of many Democrats that blacks, the elderly and the poor will be discouraged from voting by the difficulty in acquiring photo ID.  The governor says those fears are unfounded.  Among measures the state is taking: a mobile unit will travel the state to help with issuing photo ID to registered voters.  The Alabama Senior Services Department will be taking similar steps at nursing homes.  Voters will be required to have legal photo identification in time for the 2014 elections. 

Mass Meeting

State Representative Alvin Holmes said he wants to repeal or revise Alabama's Stand Your Ground law.  The Montgomery Democrat made the comments last night at a mass meeting held at Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church.  It was the second rally in the past three days in which the George Zimmerman case and verdict was addressed.  Other black leaders, including Joe Reed, urged citizens to speak out about Montgomery's homicide rate. 

Employment Workshops

Seventh District Congressman Terri Sewell wants to address the high unemployment rate in Black Belt counties.  Sewell is holding a series of job readiness workshops this week at Wallace Community College in Selma.  Topics covered by the workshops include resume' and cover letter, proper dress and interview skills.  Representative Sewell said the 2nd Annual Congressional Job Fair is planned for August 7th at Wallace Community College.  Dozens of companies will participate. 

Mount Zion

The meeting at Mount Zion will be presented Friday at the Montgomery Performing Arts Center.  The stage play will be directed and performed by Alabama State University faculty, staff and alumni.  The production focuses on an early meeting of the Montgomery Improvement Association that sparked the Bus Boycott.  Charles P. Everett says he wrote the play out of curiosity about the workings of the Mount Zion A.M.E Church.  For Ticket information the number is (334) 481-5100 or (334) 229-6739. 

New Road

Gunter Industrial Park will get a new road.  The state Transportation Department has given Montgomery more than $787,000 dollars to improve roads at the business park where 13 companies employ more that 4,000 employees.  Officials at the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce said improved roads will allow the companies to expand.  The city will provide the labor and construction is scheduled to be completed next year.