WVAS Local News

Jun 19, 2013

Four Montgomery men are behind bars charged in connection with three home invasions.  Montgomery police say the suspects are 35-year-old Wareese Dorch, 33-year-old Chad Hogan, 31-year-old Alvin Woods and 27-year-old Tidera Harris who is charged in the Bell Road home invasion.  Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy said the investigation shows the crimes were targeted.  The men are being held in the Montgomery County Detention Facility.  The bonds for the men range from $480,000 dollars up to $1.5  million dollars. 

BP Leaving

BP clean-up crews will no longer be sweeping Alabama's beaches for tar balls on a regular basis.  The decision has been made by the government and the oil company to limit tar ball removal along the Gulf Coast to as-needed operations.  Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon said the tar balls are generally only showing up after a storm when the surf is rough. 

School Choice Law

The leaders of two Alabama private school organizations don't expect many new students to apply in the wake of a law providing tax credits for students transferring from failing schools.  The executive director of the Alabama Christian Education Association, Robin Mears said expects less than 100 transfers to his member schools.  The Alabama Independent School Association, executive director Randy Skipper, said he hasn't heard about any students inquiring about transferring.  They cited two reasons, the list of 78 is shorter than originally anticipated and middle schools make up much of the list, with a few high schools. 

Missing Child Found

Authorities have found a missing 10-month-old Birmingham boy in Dallas, Texas, with the 14-year-old girl who allegedly took him from a home in Birmingham.  Authorities said both children are safe and police say they will be returned to Alabama.  The Department of Public Safety issued an alert for 10-month-old De'Anthony Dejuan Kelly and 14-year-old Dor'Sayde Gathright after the baby was reported missing early Monday morning.