WVAS Local News

May 22, 2013

Alabama health officials say a mysterious respiratory illness has left five people hospitalized and two dead in the southeastern part of the state.  The state Department of Public Health says the seven people were admitted to hospitals in the Dothan area with a fever, cough and shortness of breath.  Lab tests from all seven are being analyzed by the Centers for Disease Control.  Health officials are urging hospital staff to wear masks when caring for patients suffering from respiratory problems. 

ASU Landmark

The board of the Alabama Public Historical Sites and Parks Improvement Corporation has authorized $1.2 million dollars in bond money for a landmark voting rights center in the capitol city.  A new facility at Alabama State University will be home to the last stop on the route memorialized as the Voting Rights Trail.  Montgomery Rep. Thad McClammy championed the proposal.  he said he hopes the Montgomery Voting Rights Center will be open by March 2015, the 50th anniversary of the historic struggle. 

Montgomery City Council

A Montgomery nightclub has been ordered to go out of business.  The action was taken Tuesday by the Montgomery City Council.  City council members voted 8 to nothing to revoke the business license of the Blaze Bar and Grill for failure to pay taxes and for failing to prove the establishment is a restaurant. 

Graduation Party Shooting

A high school graduation party in Huntsville turned violent sending four teenagers to the hospital late last night.  Police in Huntsville said the shooting left a female and three males injured.  The unidentified female was shot in the abdomen, the others sustained gunshot wounds to the legs.  Huntsville Police have been looking for the shooter.