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May 14, 2013

Alabama's school Accountability Act may undergo some changes.  Governor Robert Bentley told members of the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce Monday that he is reviewing the act and is considering sending it back to the Legislature with executive amendments by mid-week.  The bill will give tuition grants for students to transfer from failing schools. Bentley told the chamber at a breakfast meeting, the law was never designed to help private education. 

Guilty Pleas

Five of the six males charged in connection with the September 2011 shootings at Montgomery Oak Park have all pleaded guilty to multiple counts of assault.  The plea deals were announced Monday by the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office.  Otis Jones, Thaddeus Jones, Samdriquez Hall, Reshaude Blue and Quintell Tarrance entered guilty pleas for their roles in the shooting spree that left nine people including two children, injured.  A sixth co-defendant, Marvin Gaston, will be tried at a later date.  A seventh male charged in the Oak Park shootings, Laddarin McCall was convicted last November and was sentenced to 120 years in prison.