WVAS Local News

May 3, 2013

The Alabama House approved a bill that allows gun owners to carry a pistol in their vehicle.  The House voted 74-27 to pass the legislation.  The Alabama Senate earlier passed the bill, which must go back to the Senate to approve changes made to the legislation in the House.  Supporters have argued that President Obama is using recent shootings at schools and other public shootings as a reason to pass legislation reducing the right of Americans to bear arms. 

Two Robbery Suspects

Two suspects in a bank robbery remain at large today.  Greenville Police said the two men entered a BankCorp South Branch on Fort Dale Road late Thursday morning and stole an undetermined amount of money.  The two suspects fled in white pickup truck that was found abandoned.  Authorities said the pick had been stolen, the suspects are believed to have escaped in another vehicle.  The FBI is assisting in the investigation. 

Child Abuse Reporting

The Alabama Legislature is expanding the types of occupation that are required to report cases of suspected child abuse.  Current law requires doctors, social workers, nurses, day care workers, teachers and other to report suspected abuse.  The bill approved Thursday adds physical therapists, all public and private K-12 employees and employees of public and private institutions of postsecondary and higher education to the list of mandatory reporters.  Senator Vivian David Figures of Mobile says the bill is a great advance in protecting children.  The bill now goes to the governor.

Tallassee Child Abuse

A child abuse case in Tallassee has landed a 31-year-old man behind bars.  Tallassee Police said Steve Conrad has been charged with multiple counts of sodomy, sexual abuse and rape.  Authorities alleged that Conrad has sexual contact with eight children under the age of 12.  Investigators said the suspected sexual abuse started 11 years ago.  Three others including Conrad's spouse, also were charged for failing to notify police about the sexual abuse.  The four individual are being held without bond in the Elmore County Jail.