WVAS Local News

May 1, 2013

The Alabama House passed a bill last night saying no public or private schools has to accept a student transferring from a failing public school under the new Alabama Accountability Act.  The bill passed 62-40 and now goes to the Senate.  Proponents said the bill keeps some systems from being overrun with transfers they can't afford.  Opponents said it gives affluent suburban school systems a reason to reject transfers from inner-city schools.  The legislation was sent to the state Senate. 

Medicaid Reorganization Bill

The Alabama House may vote Thursday on the Senate's version of the Medicaid reorganization bill.  If the Medicaid revision is adopted, the present fee-for-service system will be replaced by a set monthly payment system.  Several regional care organizations would administer health care management. 

Soldier Body Found

The Russell County sheriff says the wife of a Fort Benning soldier whose body was found in a ditch has been arrested and charged with murder.  The sheriff says 34-year-old Gloria Wilson is charged in the death of Staff Sgt. Donald Wilson.  Investigators are also looking for Wilson's boyfriend, Travis Leonard, he is also accused in the homicide. 

Identity Theft

Department of Justice officials say a Montgomery woman has been indicted on charges of theft of government funds and conspiracy.  Authorities said Bridgette Rivers is charged with using stolen identities to file fraudulent tax refunds.  Officials say Rivers is also accused of recruiting another person to provide bank account information to use in the scheme. 

Gambling Bill

Legislation to increase the penalties for promoting gambling has stalled in the Alabama Senate.  GOP Senator Bryan Taylor of Prattville fell three vote short Tuesday of getting the 21 votes he needed to cut off stalling tactics by opponents of his gambling bill.  The bill would have increased the penalties for possessing a gambling device or promoting gambling from a misdemeanor to a felony if the defendant made at least $10,000 dollars.  That would have increased the maximum penalty from a year in jail to 10 years in prison.