WVAS Local News

Apr 30, 2013

The House health committee passed the Senate version of the Medicaid reorganization bill clearing the way for a vote by the House on Thursday.  During the work session Tuesday bill sponsor Republican Senator Greg Reed of Jefferson, clarified that nothing in the bill would adversely affect pharmacy operators.  He says the State Medicaid Agency will likely administer pharmacy programs on a statewide basis.  If the Medicaid revision is adopted, the present fee-for-service system will be replaced by a set monthly payment system.  Several regional care organizations would administer health care management under the proposed legislation.

Gun Control Bill

The Alabama Senate has passed a bill telling the federal government to back off on gun control.  The Senate voted 24-6 Tuesday for a bill that says, " All federal acts, laws, orders, rules or regulations regarding firearms are a violation of the Second Amendment."  The bill also says federal laws in violation of the Second Amendment shall be considered null and void in Alabama.  The bill's sponsor, Republican Senator Paul Sanford of Huntsville, said the bill is aimed at getting the state to sue over federal laws that restrict guns.  Democratic Senator Bobby Singleton of Greensboro said state law can't trump federal law and Sanford's bill will be unenforceable if it becomes state law. 

Truckers and Nurses Wanted

More nurses and truck drivers are needed in Alabama.  Industry experts in the state said there are shortages in those occupations as a result of higher demand and a lack of skilled workers.  State labor officials said in March registered nursing was the occupation with the most job openings with the heavy truck industry coming in second. 

Manhunt in Birmingham

A woman holding her ten-day-old son was fatally shot Monday afternoon in Birmingham.  Police in Birmingham are asking for the public's help in find the gunman who fatally shot 24-year-old Sherri Williams as she was standing and holding her baby in the doorway of an apartment in the Gate City neighborhood.