WVAS Local News

Mar 13, 2013

The sponsor of a bill to repeal the state's use of Common Core education standards decided to kill his own bill Wednesday.  Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, Republican Dick Brewbaker of Montgomery, took the action when his committee seemed to prefer a substitute bill that maintained the standards over his own.  Even in moving to suspend his bill indefinitely, Brewbaker repeated his fears of student data being shared with the federal government.  The Board of Education adopted an Alabama version of the common core in 2010 over the objection of the newly elected Governor Robert Bentley. 

Tree Poisoning Trial

The man accused of poisoning the oak trees at Auburn University's Toomers Corner is having his trial moved to Elmore County.  Wednesday, Harvey Updyke's attorney confirmed that the change of venue had been granted.  Updyke's legal advisors contend that a fair trial could not happen in Opelika because of the close association with Auburn University.  The trial is set for April 8th. 

Father Jailed

Gadsden police say a man is jailed without bond after authorities found the body of his 20-month-old daughter in the wood on a dead end street.  Police say Stephon Lindsay was arrested Tuesday night shortly before authorities located the body of Maliyah Tashay Lindsay. 

BP Trial

A worker says a flurry of activity on the Deepwater Horizon hindered his ability to monitor BP's well for signs of trouble before the April 2010 blowout that caused the drilling rig to explode.  Joseph Keith, a mud logger employed by a Halliburton division, testified Wednesday at a trial over the disaster that he never saw any indications of a blowout before drilling mud started raining down on the rig floor.