WVAS Local News

Mar 1, 2013

The City of Selma's population will double in size over the weekend as thousands of people converge on the west Alabama city for this year's Bridge Crossing Jubilee Celebration.  Vice President Joe Biden and other nationally-known figures and celebrities will be in Selma for Sunday's march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge.  Senator Hank Sanders said this weekend's events are a stark reminder about this week's court fight over the Voting Rights Act.  The Bridge Crossing Jubilee will be held Sunday afternoon. 

Parks Statue in Montgomery

One day after a monument to civil rights icon Rosa Parks was unveiled at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, a resolution was introduced in the Alabama House for a similar monument to be placed at the state Capitol in Montgomery.  The resolution was introduced by Representative Alvin Holmes of Montgomery.  Holmes' says the money for the monument could be raised if the state can't afford the approximate $200,000 dollar cost.  Holmes says he would donate $25,000 dollars.  He said the monument would be similar to the one in the U.S. Capitol. 

School Flexibility

Alabama's governor said several early supporters of a school flexibility bill were not consulted about adding tax credits for private school attendance because he knew they would oppose it.  Despite intense opposition from Democrats, Republicans used their super majority to push a school through the Legislature after adding tax credits for parents who move their children from a failing public school school to a private or parochial school.  State school Superintendent Tommy Bice said it will have a negative impact on public schools.  Sally Howell the executive director of the Alabama Association of School Boards said she was "bushwhacked."  Governor Robert Bentley called the bill the most significant piece of legislation passed in years and he will sign it into law. 

Racial Integration Anniversary

Members of Congress are visiting the University of Alabama to see the place where former Governor George Wallace made his "Stand in the Schoolhouse Door" against racial integration 50 year ago.  The leaders will be in Tuscaloosa today for the commemoration program.  The delegation led by Georgia Congressman and Alabama native John Lewis will visit Montgomery Saturday to lay a wreath at the Civil Rights Memorial.  The group will join Vice President Joe Biden in Selma for Sunday's annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee.