WVAS Local News

Feb 28, 2013

A school flexibility bill has been sent to a conference committee after the House and Senate couldn't agree on a portion of the legislation dealing with teacher tenure.  The bill was amended in the Senate to exclude tenure laws.  Republican Senator Bill Holtzclaw of Madison believes his amendment takes care of any concerns that teachers may have.  The House refused to go along with the Senate's changes and sent the bill to a six-member conference committee to try working out the differences.  The bill grants city and county school boards flexibility in complying with many state education laws provided they get approval from the state school superintendent and state school board. 

Higher Ed Rally

University students from across the state urged lawmakers to spend more money on higher education.  About a thousand students, faculty, alumni and supporters gathered at the Statehouse Thursday for the annual Higher Education Day Rally.  Governor Robert Bentley told the crowd that higher education funding has increased each year during his first term in office. 

Gulf State

An Alabama House committee has approved legislation that would allow the construction of a large hotel and conference center on the beach at Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores.  It would permit a private developer to work with the state in building a hotel with more than 300 rooms and a conference center that would seat more than 1,000 people.  Opponents say the state is abandoning the idea that state park lodging should be affordable to average Alabamians.