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Feb 27, 2013

President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner unveiled a statue of civil rights hero Rosa Parks Wednesday in a ceremony at the Capitol.  Parks becomes the first black woman to be honored with a full-length statue in the Capitol's Statuary Hall.

State Unemployment Cut

The long-term unemployed in Alabama will be among the first to feel automatic federal budget cuts scheduled to take effect Friday.  Tara Hutchinson, a spokeswoman for the Alabama Department of Labor says federal officials have advised the department to prepare for a cut of nine to ten percent in unemployment benefits for Alabamians who have exhausted their 26 weeks of state unemployment benefits and are now getting the extended 37 weeks of federal benefits.  Hutchinson said the unemployment cuts are supposed to take effect Sunday and will affect 16,000 people. 

Pistol Permit

A person headed to a firing range to practice shooting could carry a pistol in his or her vehicle without a permit, under legislation approved by an Alabama House committee.  Some law enforcement officials fear it would allow criminals to get around the law requiring them to have a permit to carry a concealed firearm. 

BP Trial

A well design expert testifying for the federal government has accused BP of withholding critical information from industry regulators before a blowout that triggered a deadly 2010 explosion and oil spill disaster.  Alan Huffman is the second expert witness at a trial that started Tuesday.  It could last several months.