WVAS Local News

Feb 27, 2013

A Montgomery man is jailed on a high bond following his arrest on a reckless murder charge.  35-year-old Andre Mosley was arrested Tuesday morning after police said a car driven by Mosley crashed into a tractor-trailer at the intersection of Rosa Parks and the West Boulevard.  A passenger, 41-year-old Zack Lykes of Montgomery was killed, two other passengers were treated for minor injuries.  Lykes was the city's third traffic fatality of the year.  Mosley's bond was set at $75,000 dollars. 

Missing Child Bill

The Alabama House has passed a bill that makes it a crimes to fail to report that a child is missing or that a child has died to law enforcement officials.  The House voted 95 to nothing Tuesday to pass the bill by Representative Juandalynn Givan of Birmingham.  The bill now goes to the Senate for debate.  Givan told legislators that her bill was motivated by the case of Caylee Anthony, the young Florida girl whose body was found near her home.  The bill requires that a child be reported missing in "a reasonable time period" but does not define how long that would be. 

Voting Rights Hearing

The nation's highest court takes up the weighty issue today of balancing the protect minority voters.  Justices will hear a challenge of a part of the Voting Rights Act that forces some states, including Alabama, to get approval before they make any changes in the way elections are held.  The State of Alabama is siding with Shelby County. 

Creek Indians Casinos

A new national study says Alabama's Creek Indian casinos have experienced record-setting growth for the fourth year due to the state's crackdown on privately operated casino.  The Indian Gambling Industry Report said today revenue for Alabama's Indian casinos grew by 26.4 percent in 2011.  That was the fourth straight year where Alabama led the nation in revenue growth for Indian gambling. 

Rosa Parks Statue

Civil rights activist Rosa Parks is taking her place among American historical figures in the U.S. Capitol building.  President Barack Obama and top leaders in Congress are scheduled today to help unveil a 9-foot likeness of Mrs. Parks in Statuary Hall.  Parks help invigorate the civil rights movements in December 1955 when she helped to inspire the Montgomery Bus Boycott. 

Unsolved Triple Murder

A Montgomery family wants answer in connection with an unsolved triple homicide that occurred January 13th near Union City, Georgia.  Two males and a female, all from Montgomery, were found dead in a car off an Interstate 85 exit ramp.  Tuesday, the niece and sister of 24-year-old Cheryl Colquitt- Thompson spoke to the media and asked the public for any information regarding their family members' murder.  Two other victims, 33-year-old Quinones King and 43-year-old Rodney Cottrell also were slain.  The Central Alabama Crimestoppers program said sheriff's investigators in Clayton County, Georgia, have only one lead in the case.  There are no suspects.