WVAS Local News

Feb 26, 2013

Governor Robert Bentley announced legislation meant to pave the way for more aviation jobs in Alabama.  The Alabama Commercial Aviation Business Improvement Act of 2013 would set a ten-year limit that an aviation manufacturer would be liable for causes of action after delivery of the aircraft.  If the cause of action occurs at the ten-year deadline, a plaintiff still has two years to file a lawsuit.  Bentley says the provision is needed to compete for suppliers of Airbus that will be locating a plant in Mobile.  The Airbus plant is expected to employ around 1,000 people. 

VictoryLand Cash 

The State of Alabama has filed a civil suit to take possession of more than $220,000 that seized from the VictoryLand Casino last week.  State officials contend money that was seized was used as "bets or stakes in gambling activity in violation of the law of the State of Alabama."  Authorities say the casino housed more than 1,600 gambling devices in violation of state law.  The petition asks the court to condemn the seized property and order it destroyed.  Civil forfeiture proceedings are not uncommon when money and property are seized in criminal cases.  The Montgomery Advertiser reports the State is asking for about $223,400 and 1,615 gambling devices that were seized when state authorities executed a search warrant on VictoryLand on Feb. 19th. 

MATS becomes the "M"

Public transportation in Montgomery is getting a new look and a new name.  The city rolled out three new buses with the letter "M" as it's logo replacing the old "MATS" symbol for the Montgomery Area Transit System.  General Manager Kelvin Miller hopes the new look along with new hybrid buses will increase ridership. 

School Flexibility Bill

It will be Thursday before the Alabama Senate considers a school flexibility bill approved by the state House.  The Senate's Republican leaders had planned to take up the bill Tuesday.  But Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh says they decided to wait because three Republican senators were either absent or late.