WVAS Local News

Feb 5, 2013

Montgomery school officials say four of the seven school employees placed on paid administrative leave during an investigation into improper grade changing will be reinstated.  According to a statement released Monday, three employees were cleared of all wrongdoing, and a fourth was found to have only followed the directions of a supervisor.  The four will be reinstated to their jobs this week.  The development was announced in a news release from school system attorneys Spud Seale and Jayne Williams.  The news release did not name the four employees.  Investigations found grades were changed for more than 200 students at three high schools to make the schools' performance records look better. 

School Flexibility Legislation

The Executive Secretary of the Alabama Education Association Tuesday launched a scathing attack on proposed school flexibility legislation.  Henry Mabry called the measure a "pig in a poke," claiming it is a deceptive way of creating charter schools in the state.  Mabry agreed that flexibility in schools is needed, but says the School Flexibility Act goes too far.  Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard responded to Mabry's remarks, saying that Republicans are fighting for local control of schools, while the AEA demands union control. 

Alabama Legislature 2013

The Alabama Legislature's 2013 regular session has started.  The session will last until mid-May.  Lawmakers must complete the session in 30 meeting days during 105 calendar days.  A major issue facing lawmakers will be balancing the General Fund and education budgets in a year when funds are expected to be tight.