WVAS Local News

Jan 31, 2013

The storms that ripped through the Southeast have claimed at least two lives.  They were killed by crashing trees in Georgia and Tennessee.  Wednesday's tornadoes and dangerous winds destroyed homes and flipped cars.  Residents in northwest Georgia say no traces remain of roadside produce stands that are a common sight on back roads.  Emergency management officials across Alabama say powerful wind gusts are too blame for a majority of the storm damage Wednesday in several counties. 

Standoff Continues

Dozens of police, sheriff's deputies and FBI agents remain parked outside a bunker-type shelter near Midland City, Alabama, where authorities say a gunman is holding a 5-year-old boy.  Jimmy Lee Dykes allegedly snatched the boy off a school bus Tuesday afternoon, after shooting the bus driver several times.  A reporter in Midland said residents are now calling the dead bus driver a hero for trying to protect a school bus full of children. 

Robbery Suspects Jailed

Three robbery suspects are in jail today.  According to Montgomery police, the trio has been charged in connection with the Tuesday holdup at the Sundown East restaurant on Atlanta Highway.  20-year-old Tacques Washington, 35-year-old Antwoine Giles and 24-year-old Stefranio Hampton, all of Montgomery, each face a first-degree robbery charge.  Police alleged that Hamilton was an employee at the restaurant who set up the robbery.  Lt. Regina Duckett, a police spokeswoman, said the three men are in jail on bonds totaling $60,000 dollars each. 

Medicare Price Cut

Medicare is announcing a price cut.  Diabetes testing supplies now average about $16 dollars a month for beneficiaries.  That's going down to around $4.50.  Savings are also coming for many patients who rent home oxygen gear, hospital beds, wheelchairs and other equipment.  Medicare deputy administrator Jonathan Blum said Wednesday its due to competitive bidding making inroads against wasteful spending.  Starting July 1st, diabetes patients will get blood sugar testing supplies through a new national mail order program.