WVAS Local News

Jan 18, 2013

Alabama's unemployment rate has dropped again.  Governor Robert Bentley says December's rate of 7.1 percent is down from 7.5 percent in November.  It's the fourth month for a decline since the 8.5 percent in August. 

Judicial Shift

A leading state senator wants to shift some Alabama judgeships to areas with heavy caseloads and backlogs.  Republican Senator Cam Ward of Alabaster says his bill would set up a system to shift judicial positions when a circuit judge retires in a county with a low caseload.  Sen. Ward chairs the state Senate Judiciary Committee. 

New Dialysis Center

A dialysis center opened for the first time in Perry County.  Governor Robert Bentley and State Senator Hank Sanders attended the event.  Patients from Bibb and Hale counties will also be treated at the facility. 

James Hood

One of the first black students to break segregation at the University of Alabama has died.  James Hood of Gadsden was 70.  Alabama Governor George Wallace made his "stand in the schoolhouse door" in an unsuccessful effort to keep Hood and Vivian Malone from registering for classes at the University of Alabama.