WVAS Local News

Dec 17, 2012

Communities across the country are reassessing emergency preparedness and school security in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut where 26 people were killed Friday, including 20 elementary school children.  Montgomery authorities met today with their counterparts to review response procedures for such an unthinkable occurrence.  Montgomery Public Safety Director Chris Murphy said the consensus of Alabama authorities was the Connecticut law enforcement performed admirably and may have prevented more deaths with their rapid response. 

Ford Files Complaint

Tuskegee Mayor Johnny Ford has filed a second complaint with the Alabama Ethics Commission against Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange.  Ford contends Strange failed to file a Statement of Economic Interest in 2010.  There has been no comment yet from the attorney general regarding the ethics complaint filed against him. 

Montgomery Man Convicted

A jury Monday convicted a Montgomery man of capital murder.  Jurors returned a guilty verdict against 38-year-old Adrian Stewart.  He was on trial for killing 29-year-old Cornelius Thomas in 2009.  It marked the second time Stewart was convicted of murder.  He served a five-year term for another homicide in 2002.  Jurors must now decide Stewart's fate, death by lethal injection or life in prison without parole.