WVAS Local News

Nov 29, 2012

Federal prosecutors say six people were arraigned Wednesday for their involvement in an identity theft ring.  The U.S. Attorney's office in Montgomery say members of the identity theft ring conspired to fraudulently obtain credit cards by diverting mail to a phony mailbox at a Montgomery post office.  Officials say about $600,000 total was stolen from innocent victims.  The six defendants are charged with identity theft, wire fraud and bank fraud. 

Alabama's PACT

Alabama's Prepaid College Tuition program is running out of money, the board that oversees the PACT plan was told Wednesday the program likely will deplete its assets in 2015.  Parents told State Treasurer Young Boozer that they are looking at coming up with $600 to $700 per semester if the Alabama Supreme Court allows PACT to pay tuition at 2010 levels rather than current levels.  Parents also are concerned the PACT program will close down if the court requires current tuition.