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Nov 14, 2012

It appears yet another battle over the Affordable Care Act could be brewing between President Barack Obama's administration and a number of states that are opting not to set up a state-run health care exchange.  Alabama governor Robert Bentley says he met with a group of governors that believe the federal government doesn't have the right to set up health care exchanges inside a state.  The citizens advocacy group Alabama Arise is criticizing the decision, saying it will mean less oversight, less consumer input, and less design in the creation of the exchange. 

Most Wanted

An Alabama man believed to be operating with terrorists in Somalia has been put on the FBI's list of "most wanted terrorists."  The FBI says Omar Shafik Hammami has been a senior leader in the terror group al-Shabab.  Officials believe Hammami moved to Somalia in 2006 and joined the group, later designated by the State Department as a terrorist organization.  From Somalia, Hammami has taken on the role of jihadi lecturer and Islamic scholar.  Hammami faces charges in the U.S. of providing material support to terrorists. 

New Commissioner

Dan Harris was sworn in as commissioner for District One on the Montgomery County Commission board.  Harris says he's excited and thankful for his new position.  Harris was also named vice chairman.  Harris joins re-elected Chairman Elton Dean, Dimitri Polizos, Jiles Williams, and Reed Ingram.

Rural Health

Imagine driving along the interstate one night, having an accident and the nearest hospital is 50 miles away.  That's the reality for many rural county residents.  Dale Quinney, executive director of the Alabama Rural Health Association says regardless of where you live, having adequate and quality healthcare throughout the state is critical.  Governor Robert Bentley has designated November 12th through the 16th as Rural Health Week.